About us

The Dutch Venue Association provides its members with knowledge and expertise to support their everyday operations. The Dutch Venue Association aims to become a knowledge centre for the member-entrepreneurs by encouraging collaborations with key stakeholders in and around the industry.

Dutch Venue Association | For clients

Clients looking for an event venue are often overwhelmed by all the possible choices, because the total offer of venues is so tremendous and diverse.

The event venues associated with the Dutch Venue Association stand out by their:

  • Authenticity
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Safety in business operations
  • Meeting all legal requirements and having all necessary permits
  • Making sure that employees are properly trained and stay informed about the latest developments in the culinary, technological, and hospitality sectors.

All DVA venues meet these seven assurances, offering you a 100% guarantee that your event will be a resounding success.

Dutch Venue Association | For entrepreneurs

Dozens of independent, leading, professional Dutch event venues decided to team up and establish the Dutch Venue Association in order to collaborate in a number of fields.

Event locations that stand out because of their dedication to authenticity, quality, professionalism, corporate social responsibility, performance guarantee, and safety in business operations.

The Dutch Venue Association is a network organisation representing, supporting, and connecting the event venue industry.

Within the Dutch Venue Association, hundreds of employees are at work every single day to handle leasing out event venues and supporting the organisation of (temporary) events in the broadest sense of the word. Together, the Dutch Venue Association members represent an annual revenue of approx. 120 million euro.

Dutch Venue Association | For preferred partners

Suppliers wishing to share their specific expertise with DVA members can enter into a Preferred Partnership with the network under an exclusive industry membership.


Dutch Venue Association meetings are intended for board members and senior management

The DVA holds five or six networking events per year and has a shared website.

Members have to meet strict admission requirements. The network strives to become a quality certificate.

The board

The Dutch Venue Association board comprises the following members:

Henk Kroneberg Chairman / Independent
Sybren Ophof Secretary / Hospitality Management Nederland
Tonny Zaal Treasurer / Hart van Holland
Mandy Berding Ocean Diva
Vincent de Ridder De Kromhouthal