Preferred Partners

Preferred Partners are companies and organisations:

  • Who are interested in maintaining in professional contact with DVA members
  • Who can offer support and expertise to the DVA knowledge centre, in the form of events and on our website
  • Preferred Partnerships are entered into “exclusively” per industry
  • The DVA strives to establish a proper balance between Preferred Partners and Members and to have a spread of areas of expertise.

Marxman Advocaten

Marxman Advocaten is a full service office for entrepreneurs. Marxman's lawyers understand that entrepreneurship is top sport. We do everything we can to make you, as our customer, even more successful. Just as passionate and tenacious as you are. We answer your questions quickly, to the point and clearly. If possible, we'll advise you proactively and search together with you for new ways and opportunities.

CP Jan de Wrede
Phone +31(0)6-52573311

Bloem Bloem

With the most beautiful flowers and plants, the right furniture and custom accessories. Bloem Bloem leases luxurious furniture and decorations for large and smaller events. Let yourself be inspired and surprised! We create the right atmosphere.

CP Richard Verhoef
Phone +31(0)88-655-4301


We understand that communication - in whatever form - is about impact. There we support our clients and we go far. We realize reliable and business-proof audiovisual solutions that enable us to excellence.

CP René Schaddelee
Phone +31(0)346-259259

SmaakMakers Compagnie

We are SmaakMakers Compagnie. Manufacturer of hospitality, taste and experience. With our 3 hospitality companies: A&F Horeca Uitzendbureau, De Witte Brigade and Best Working Models and our Horeca Payrol company, we are the one-stop-one-partner of many beautiful catering locations in the Netherlands. Everything we do is about people and with a passionate team we are 100% focused and specializing in hospitality We do this with a large dose of creativity, our Rotterdam work mentality, many training sessions and our many years of experience!

CP Roel ten Dam
Phone +31(0)10-4779172

Maessen Tent Supply

Maessen Tentsupply has been a welcome partner at many events, festivals and private occasions since 1998. Although the company is always on the move and sees innovation as a great asset, some things remain unchanged.

CP Roderick van den Hoek
Telefoon +31(0)70-5119395

Bidfood - Where professionals find each other

As no-one else, we understand the wishes and challenges in the hospitality industry. In our Foodyards and in our online marketplace, we connect food professionals. A professional partner for your complete food & non food purchase.

CP Wim Stroes
Phone ‪+31(0)30-6071180‬